About RATS

Rage Against The Screen (RATS) is a contemporary and trustworthy site for the most recent reviews for digital entertainment. Our Rage Scale gives you the fairest insight into films, TV etc. It is for the people, the Cinephilias and anyone who is in need of a quick and easy review.

What is the Rage Scale?

The Rage Scale is a rating of one person as of this moment; the reviewer is none other than me, the site owner Matt Carr. I believe in a fair and passionate rating of entertainment. I watch the film/series/video with an open mind, having gained an opinion at the end of the show I then do audience research and get their opinion of it. In the future, I plan to design a online rating board for anyone to give their view, but for now it will be good old fashioned word of mouth.

The origin of the Rage Scale comes from the times when you sat in front of your TV and ranted for an hour about how Jack could have got onto the wooden plank with Rose or how you wasted a couple of hours of your life knowing you won’t get it back.

The higher the rage rating the better it is. The idea is that if you have passionate rage it is good and if you have deep rage it is bad.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 13.08.37

If a rating is 70% or higher then the movie or TV show will get this TV icon to show it is rated “Raging”.




If a rating is lower than 70% then it will get this broken TV icon to show it is “Flat”.

The 4 Point Process

  1. True To The Origin
  2. The Story
  3. Camera/SFX
  4. Performance
      1. If a film has taken the story from a book etc, then it must be as accurate to the source. Many die-hard fans will expect to see the original to come to life on the screen and want the story to be controlled by the limitation of the world it is written in. Rated out of 25 (0/25).
      2. A compelling story is very important in any film, and must have a good structure that makes sense. Depending on the genre, the story must do what its set out to do, either scare, excite etc. By the end it should make us crave for more, as a result of the immersive world it has presented. Rated out of 25 (0/25).
      3. With improvements in technology there are high expectations for the best shots in every scene and the best special effects. Any CGI characters/landscape should look as realistic to the theme of the story. Any continuity that is ruined can result in a lower score. Rated out of 25 (0/25).
      4. Acting is crucial to keeping the audience immersed, as if they break out of character, or even act differently to the character in the source, then they can break the illusion. I’m looking for the right casting and a character I can commit to. Rated out of 25 (0/25).

The extra point

For any TV series I review I add each percentage score from each season to come up with an overall score.

Hell No!

This new system of grading will allow me to tell you guys to not see this film/tv no matter what. The image below means that I think a film/tv show is a waste of time and doesn’t deserve views.

Get Out Whilst You Still Can!

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