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Rage Scale

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  • Origin: 5/25
  • Story: 2/25
  • Camera/SFX: 6/25
  • Performance: 3/25

Movie Info

James Singer is a college freshman whose only friends are his phone and laptop. Meanwhile, his roommate Lance Black is only interested in women and partying. When Lance coerces James into coding the ultimate hookup app, unexpected repercussions ensue.

  • Rated: NR
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Directed by: Ann Deborah Fishman
  • Written by: Ann Deborah Fishman
  • Release date: 6th November, 2018 (Wide)
  • Length: 93 Minutes 
  • Studio: Netflix



Noah Centineo Lance Black
Kristen Johnston Professor Barnes
George Hamilton Phil Singer
Christian Hutcherson Wesley
Kendall Ryan Sanders James Singer
Nathan Gamble Daniel
Kalani Hilliker Ashlee
Leigh-Allyn Baker Leah Singer

Rage Reviews

Origin: 5/25

The second film to have Noah Centineo deal with an app. It didn’t work this time, nor did it work with the other one. The app idea was probably the only good thing about this film, however they didn’t really delve deep into it, they just merely mention it from time to time. It seems all the characters have been made dumb and that there weirdly is only one student that can code. I think their school system is broken if they’ve let these students do this course.

Story: 2/25

This is a tragic excuse for a film, Netflix we do not want teen garbage every month with the same male actor in it (Noah Centineo). The narrative lacked any substance and had collage running around like they were 5 years old. The scenarios felt way over the top and was just there to create some sort of drama, which by the way didn’t work. After I had finished watching it, I felt that I had just wasted my life on some pointless film. This has given me an idea to create, another grading system. The only time I laughed at this film was when it got so stupid and ridiculous, I just couldn’t believe what I was watching.

Camera/SFX: 6/25

Nothing much to say really. Mediocre camera angles that I cold have done in primary school and any effects that are used are bad and need more time to be developed on. I was looking for something to impress me or even just make me smile, but yet it felt empty and most scenes felt pointless.

Performance: 3/25

So bad… They have ruined all the careers by taking this one. Naoh Centineo is obviously desperate to get onto the big screen and will take any job that comes his way. The only remotely good actor in this is Kristen Johnston, she gets the least screen time and yet I remember her character more than I do some of the other main characters. The cast is underwhelming and it is not helped by the poor script and direction that the film was going in.


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